Black Cat

Black Cat

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%Tracy ScopsSenouslic Lou LatrellDISCLAIMER - This is a Parody Comic. Spider-Man is a registered mark of Marvel Characters Inc. This comic is not sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated with Marvel Characters Inc. Based on characters created by Stan Lee, Steve Ditko and John

I gotta say, Red... Your invitation was a surprise.Even more with this place you suggested, I'm intrigued. Is Peter still in Latveria with the Avengers?I didn't come here to talk about Peter.I feel like I'm being shut out fi*om an entire hidden side of his life.I'm not satisfied with this... thing

Song? That's just a bunch of screaming.What? You don't know how to dance?Po you think I can learn that?Not THAT!I meant being so open and objective about intimacy?You can start by ditching that kind of euphemism.while being a ^B model you're B already an agent provocateur^by definition. The very

have no'Emulation-...andrenT had hatfSBtggb*in we PcKeeeme W e bad lucKn crossing! -K cat is ort matter of erspectwe after -ou cou\dn t be more right, Red-The occasionCsble att/r be right bacK-magbel iu\d juet-,porn comics without translation,porn comics,,Marvel porn,r34,Black Cat,Marvel,,Mary

Me-ow!you impress me, girl.You'reprobably more irresistible to Peter with those panties lowered than I could ever be, even with my signature half-costume look.I was just, y'know...Sending a little teaser to Peter...For that, we need to make sure you're teased enough, too.Cute...But you asked me to

r Other side effects include religious hollers involuntary 'onhSpas7s anc*enhanced chances of regrettable< ideas. jHand me the cellphone!you keep doing that Iwokn't be able to hold it much longer I'm right on the edge.n, sweetie.That's the problem withdirls who playexclusivelyThey forget 'bout

I wonder you're more excited about ne or the whole"saaBf*to Pete.o It's not often that I'n on the other side of being sexually used.Is that a problem?That can be A arranged."^7 I this/ o/oncte ftteorfncoltegewho \ taught me a \ thing or two.Just bear wth me as mg oysteringmau be a bit

Lucky for you, it's a taste that X like.WOW!I can't believe 5nidey hid a cute, edheaded bisexual away from me ail this time.WHOAThat's funny, your O-Spot it's huge.f The thing/ ismy&'SP0'tends to \fill up veryquickly.Most girls ^ need some more time to get it swollen enough for good squirt. >It's

Come here, then. Let's get that marvelous thing filled up." Jeez! ^ How can gou reach it so deep inside with gour tongue?Training? Genetics? whatever the reason, it's been dutifullg and successflillg serving as a proxy phallus for a looong k while.Fuck!Those people who debunked the tongue as being

Hey babe! Just got back from the mission They had a demigod. But we had a Thor. And a Hulk.23 minutes agoHey, you sent me some pics. Cant download them yet. Our roaming plan with Roxxon 4G is too expensive. Gimme a minute. I'll get the wifi password with Tony.21 minutes agoYikes. Pass is

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A CINEMATIC XXX PARODYThis story takes place between THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN films. Peter and Gwen have been a serious couple for an year.SPIDER-MAN (Peter Parker)Years ago, high school student Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider and gained the speed, agility and proportional strength of

Oh guys, ^ you've been so lovely tonight. I really appreciated the dancing, the hugs and the . gunshots. AMmmph!Oh, and thank you for the sparkling stolen gift.Mmphmmph'.I'll be sure to keep it in a very special place, like the jewelry store you took it ffom.NOW.I'm sorry to bail on you so early,

The name is Black Cat. But tonight I'm gonna let you call me anything you like.Let me goI'll rip your balls off for thisThanks lady, but I already got a girlfriend.Oops... sorry.But to be honest, that is a very tightOh, soyou really PO have a girlfriend? what an awkward situation, hmm?Well, ain't

uhm... Thanks? To be honest, they're out by accident. I was hoping to make a very dramatic scene before actually showing them to your boyfhiend.Niceboobies!I swear.It wasn't like that at all...Calm down. It's alright, PeBrm... SpideyI read about this Black Cat, here. Her whole act involves seducing

Nice-Platinum blonde carpet to match the n-never. k-knoooow... oohh...You're right: a pussy's pussy should be exemplary. And yours is quite nice. It smells very good too.uhm, honey? You're harder than usual. Should I be worried?Maybe it's time to remind you o my own best qualities.1r

Lubrication is key, you know?Now, let me borrow some of your juices.You did well with my first gift, darling. Now could uou please take this second one and just give it to me?HJUUCW/Right there, babe. You're harder than ever, you really wanna fuck her, don't you?How about you, Cat? Po you want to

But you'll only W get him after hemakes me cum on ---------his cock. But I bet^--------/_a you're fine withit, aren't you, / V horny little thief?Perfect! Now suck my tongue and make me cum faster, bitch.whoa, &wen! This was intense as fuck.You really soaked my cock.I need to cool down for a bit.

you sure? I'm, like, right there.Just do it! unload it all inside her'No! You're exactly where I want you. Fuck her now.uhm, maybe we shouldAw fuck! She's warm!Wait,I still need a few more...Ooohh... That's it. I'm almostNOOO... Not yet!Shush, Cat. Just give him a minute. Thanks to the

Oh, right, the diamond, speaking of which...See ya, suckers!What the hell? She could have escaped at any moment?Silly Pete... Oirls love to play hard to get. But all they really want is to get . boys don't really have to get that diamond like right now, do you?Naaah.Leave it to the cops.

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